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Every effort is being made to show photographs of specimens that originated in Duval County.  As information is put online for each species, locale of photographed animals will be identified by county.  All photo credits are given on the page for each species.  If you have any photos that can be used on this site, PLEASE email me (webmaster) with anything that can be used.
greentreefrog2.jpg (20391 bytes) pinewoodstreefrog1.jpg (38819 bytes) squirreltreefrog3.jpg (22679 bytes)
Green treefrog Pinewoods treefrog Barking treefrog Squirrel treefrog
Hyla cinerea Hyla femoralis Hyla gratiosa Hyla squirella

Gray treefrog Southern spring peeper Southern chorus frog Florida chorus frog
Hyla versicolor and Hyla chrysoscelis Pseudacris crucifer bartramiana Pseudacris nigrita nigrita Pseudacris nigrita verrucosa

Little grass frog Ornate chorus frog Florida cricket frog Greenhouse frog
Pseudacris ocularis Pseudacris ornata Acris gryllus dorsalis Eleutherodactylus planirostris

bronzefrog3.jpg (95314 bytes)
Pig frog River frog Bronze frog Bullfrog
Rana grylio Rana hecksheri Rana clamitans clamitans Rana catesbeiana

leopardfrog.jpg (45867 bytes) gopherfrog1.jpg (54851 bytes)
Southern leopard frog Florida gopher frog
Rana sphenocephala Rana capito

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