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Every effort is being made to show photographs of specimens that originated in Duval County.  As information is put online for each species, locale of photographed animals will be identified by county.  All photo credits are given on the page for each species.    If you have any photos that can be used on this site, PLEASE email me (webmaster) with anything that can be used.
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Six-lined racerunner Green anole Brown anole Southern fence lizard
Cnemidophorus s. sexlineatus Anolis carolinensis Anolis sagrei Sceloporus u. undulatus

groundskink.jpg (19018 bytes) fivelinedskink1.jpg (63318 bytes) 5lined1.jpg (23883 bytes) broadheadskink1.jpg (27173 bytes)
Ground skink Five-lined skink Southeastern five-lined skink (photo of a juvenile) Broadhead skink
Scincella lateralis Eumeces fasciatus Eumeces inexpectatus Eumeces laticeps

easternglasslizard.jpg (15737 bytes)
Eastern glass lizard Island glass lizard Slender glass lizard Mimic glass lizard
Ophisaurus ventralis Ophisaurus compressus Ophisaurus attenuatus longicaudus Ophisaurus mimicus

Northern mole skink Mediterranean gecko
Eumeces egregius similis Hemidactylus t. turcicus

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