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Every effort is being made to show photographs of specimens that originated in Duval County.  As information is put online for each species, locale of photographed animals will be identified by county.  All photo credits are given on the page for each species.    If you have any photos that can be used on this site, PLEASE email me (webmaster) with anything that can be used.

(excluding sea turtles)

gophertortoise1.jpg (12789 bytes) boxturtleweb2.jpg (16400 bytes) stinkpot.jpg (12402 bytes)
Gopher tortoise Florida box turtle Common musk turtle  Loggerhead musk turtle 
Gopherus polyphemus Terrapene carolina bauri Sternotherus odoratus Sternotherus minor minor

mudturtle1.jpg (29714 bytes)
Striped mud turtle  Eastern mud turtle Florida mud turtle Carolina diamondback terrapin
Kinosternon baurii Kinosternon s. subrubrum Kinosternon subrubrum steindachneri Malaclemys terrapin centrata

peninsulacooter2.jpg (18701 bytes)
Eastern chicken turtle Spotted turtle Florida cooter Peninsula cooter
Deirochelys reticularia reticularia Clemmys guttata Pseudemys floridana floridana Pseudemys f. peninsularis

redbellyturtle.jpg (12231 bytes) snappingturtle1.jpg (21814 bytes)
Florida redbelly turtle Snapping Turtle Florida snapping turtle Florida softshell
Pseudemys nelsoni Chelydra s. serpentina Chelydra s. osceola Apalone ferox

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